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The attorneys at DeMoisey Law Office, PLLC offer more than 70 years of combined experience. Their insight gained through years of complex litigation offers creative and effective solutions to your legal needs.

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Professional License

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Consulting For Health Care  Providers

Consulting For Health Care

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Knowledgeable Professional
License Defense Attorneys

If criminal charges or adverse action threaten your career, you need more than a criminal defense attorney. Instead, you need a law firm that knows how to navigate the administrative agencies and licensing boards that are relevant to your profession. DeMoisey Law Office, PLLC understands how to approach the issues of medical billing and administrative investigations that are more complex than a traditional criminal defense case.

Knowledgeable Professional License Defense Attorneys

Proactive Advice And Careful Guidance
For Your Health Care Practice

DeMoisey Law Office, PLLC works with doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, psychologists and other licensed professionals to protect the interests of their practice. We offer representation, consulting and litigation services to practitioners in need of insight into employment law, contracts and regulatory compliance.

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Attorney J. Fox DeMoisey has been featured on national television for his work in administrative law and litigation.

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The needs of your business are constantly changing. DeMoisey Law Office, PLLC, is ready to respond. Call now to speak with attorneys who are experienced in administrative law and litigation. Dial 502-585-5500 or send an email to get in touch.

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DeMoisey Law Office, PLLC, has achieved groundbreaking results in creating new case law. Their commitment to exceptional service for their clients leads to their continued success today.

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